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Parents Centre are a not-for-profit organisation who supports parents with knowledge and skills to better prepare them for birthing and parenting. Wellington South Parents Centre is one of 52 Parents Centres across the country.

We know that parenting is a huge life change because many of us have been on the same journey. Parents join for a coffee group or antenatal class and leave feeling rejuvenated, supported and understood.

Wellington South Parents Centre is a not-for-profit incorporated society. We provide information and networks for people at different parenting and child development stages – all by volunteer parents, for parents.

Our “territory” stretches from Brooklyn to Seatoun and Miramar, and from Island Bay to Thorndon. We currently have over 250 families as members.



Parents Centre is run by volunteers who are parents just like you! We are a friendly group of people and contribute in different ways to make things happen. There are lots of jobs big and small that need to be done, so we could do with your help. In return we can offer you fun committee meetings, personal and professional development opportunities, friendship, and even cheaper membership and course fees!

Committee benefits are: subscription to Kiwi Parent Magazine, Monthly newsletters, access to special interest evenings and antenatal classes, exclusive discounts through baby and parent suppliers, invaluable parent support & friendships and enabling you to make a difference in your community.

If you think you might be able to help out in some way (no matter how small), please email us on or go to our FaceBook page for more information.

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